What is Ritzy Glitzy VIP Glam Club?

The Ritzy Glitzy VIP Glam Club is an exclusively cool club for tween girls ages 4-14. Members of the Ritzy Glitzy VIP Glam Club will receive a monthly subscription glam box, mailed directly to them, filled with 5 to 6 of the cutest and triendiest items, hand-picked by the Ritzy Glitzy Glam Squad, ranging from hair, beauty and fashion accessories, school supplies and more.

How can I become a member of the Ritzy Glitzy VIP Glam Club?

Becoming a member of the Ritzy Glitzy VIP Glam Club is easy! Simply go to our signup page: http://www.ritzyglitzygirlzclub.com/VIP-Glam-Box.aspx, choose a package and follow the prompts.

As a parent, can I sign up more that 1 child?


Once I sign up, when will I receive my first box?

All glam boxes are sent out, approximately on the 20th of every month. You must sign up by the 10th of the month, in order to receive the glam box going out that month. Otherwise, you will receive your first box the following month.

How will I be billed?

You will be billed, once a month, via the credit card that is linked to your Ritzy Glitzy VIP Glam Club account.

Will there be any other charges associated with my subscription?

Yes, you will be charged tax and shipping, according to your location. These charges will be determined at the time of purchase, during your checkout process.

Can I become a member of the Ritzy Glitzy VIP Glam Club, if I live outside of the United States?

No, we only service the United States, at this time.

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

You may cancel your subscription at anytime. You would simply login to your account and follow the prompts. Although, if you choose to cancel before your subscription ends, you will be charged an early cancellation fee, to be determined at the time of cancellation. Also, if you cancel after your billing cycle for that month, your cancellation will not take effect until the following month.

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I wish you guys did these type of parties for moms. We like to be pampered too, you know...lol. The girls looked so cute all glammed up, and the fashion show was awesome. Glad we called you. Thanks Ritzy Glitzy. See you next year.
- Lauren (Manhattan)
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